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CP Grade 4 Titanium Bar

Commercially pure titanium.

CP Grade 4 (AMS4921) offers high mechanical strength (with a ultimate tensile strength of 683 MPa).

CP Grade 4 is an unalloyed, commercially pure titanium alloy bar product offering a range of benefits.

CP Grade 4 offers high mechanical strength. The alloy is the strongest of all commercially pure titanium grades currently available. Despite being stronger, the alloy offers lower toughness when compared to Grades 2 and 3. The material combines good machinability with excellent corrosion resistance and finds widespread use through industry due to the alloys impressive strength to weight ratio. We stock Grade 4 commercially pure titanium bar in the annealed condition in various sizes.

Comparisons with Aluminium

While aluminium alloy is lighter than titanium, titanium is stronger and offers greater strength retention. So the problem for designers is which alloy to choose? While titanium is heavier, less material is required due to the alloys increased strength. Aluminium is popular for CNC machining and additive manufacturing because it is more cost-effective. But although titanium is more expensive, its unique performance characteristics make the material highly desirable for specific applications.

CP Grade 4 Titanium Bar Datasheet

Commercial Applications

CP Grade 4 titanium bar finds use in engineering applications, including automotive components, architectural structures, marine components and chemical processing hardware.

Product Features:

    AMS-T-9047, MIL-T-9047
    ASTM B348
    BS 7A7
    T60 CP Grade 4
    UNS R50700

    Automotive components
    Chemical processing components
    Marine components
    Architectural structures

    Strongest commercially pure titanium
    Good machinability
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    Impressive strength to weight ratio

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