We stock high-temperature alloy bars which perform in operating markets such as aerospace and oil & gas.

Heat Resistant Bar Stock

We stock a comprehensive range of nickel alloy bars ideal for high-temperature service applications.

Our range of nickel alloy bars are high-temperature corrosion-resistant engineering materials that find typical use in applications where extreme heat is a problem. Our products operate in jet fighter afterburners, aircraft engine parts, turbine blades and exhaust systems although, nickel alloys are also popular in other commercial markets.


Apart from superior heat resistance at elevated temperatures, nickel alloys offer a wealth of attractive performance characteristics. Many products in our range are classed as superalloys developed to perform in the harshest operational environments. Nickel offers good hardness, ductility and malleability, excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Our nickel alloy bars are versatile and find use in a broad range of commercial sectors as an engineering material.


When you buy nickel alloy bars from Smiths Advanced Metals you are purchasing from a business that provides a comprehensive service. We stock a wide selection of grades and sizes and offer in-house processing services where your bar products are cut to exact lengths. Click on one of the images below to begin browsing.

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Making the Right Choice

Alloy Suitability Our nickel alloy stock range is ideal for high-temperature applications; however, there are other aspects to consider.

The intended material application dictates alloy suitability. Considerations include corrosion and oxidation resistance, the mechanical properties of the alloy at high temperature, the stability of the alloy at high temperature and hot corrosion resistance performance.

Identifying these characteristics will determine which nickel-based alloy or different alloy is suitable.

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Stock Information

We are a dedicated stockholder of nickel-based heat-resistant bars in multiple grades and incremental sizes.

All our nickel-based alloy bars carry a unique bar code for total product traceability while under our care. Our bar code functionality forms part of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.