Our nickel alloy bars offer excellent corrosion resistance

For Harsh Environments

Our nickel alloy bars are highly versatile and represent various engineering possibilities across numerous markets.

As an engineering material, nickel alloys provide a wealth of performance advantages. The list is impressive - high-temperature performance, excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and ductility. With such attributes, our nickel alloy bars find suitability in a broad range of global engineering markets.

Oil, Gas & Chemical

The petrochemical sector is an obvious beneficiary. Our nickel alloys are ideal for producing heat exchangers, pumps, pipes and valves. Nickel alloys perform in the harshest operating environments. The high-temperature resistance of the material also makes the alloy suitable for applications such as turbochargers and furnace linings.

Corrosion Resistance

Our stock range offers excellent corrosion resistance in various environments, including atmospheric and corrosive solutions. The particular chemical composition of the alloy determines corrosion resistance performance.

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Corrosive Environments

Our nickel alloy bars offer excellent corrosion resistance The oil, gas & petrochemical sectors represent some of the harshest engineering environments on the planet.

From saltwater corrosion to sour gas environments, these industries place incredible demands on engineering raw materials since their suitability is critical for performance and maintaining high levels of safety.

Our nickel bars range provide excellent performance and protection in these hostile operating environments.

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Stock Information

We stock a broad range of nickel alloy bars and sheet products. We also stock nickel cobalt alloys too.

We stock our products in closer incremental sizes, ensuring our materials are nearer to your finished requirements.

Our nickel alloy bars are suitable for applications requiring excellent corrosion resistance, strength and ductility, and high-temperature resistance.