We provide in-house metal and plastics processing services to cut your material to exact sizes.

In-House Processing

Our in-house processing services adds considerable value to our engineering material stockholding and supply services.

We process all forms of materials internally at our bulk warehouse in Biggleswade. Our processing services represent a multi-million-pound investment with modern equipment suitable for processing alloys and plastics to tight tolerances.

Adding Value

We combine our stock range and processing services with the power of our bespoke IT platform to provide unrivalled services, which will ultimately improve your supply chain. You will receive engineering material raw materials processed to your exact size requirements, which will get you ahead in the manufacturing process.

Effective Global Supply

The beauty of our services is that all operations function seamlessly under one roof. We serve as a single supply source for your multi-metal and engineering plastic requirements. From expedited shipping to international and domestic shipping, our team is here to provide an efficient and full-service solution.

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Ahead of the Game

First Stage Engineering ServicesDid you know that we offer first stage engineering services to speed up your processes?

Our first stage engineering services potentially save you time and money. We specialise in producing turned circles, sawn circles and sawn rings. Our bar turning service also helps you get ahead in the manufacturing process.

Our advanced processing operations make a significant difference to your production processes.

What we offer?

Our processing services offer highly accurate cutting of your engineering products regardless of the material form. We process your alloys and plastics to close tolerances.

We continually invest heavily in state of the art processing equipment to ensure we provide the best service to our customers.

Our services get you ahead in the manufacturing process. We offer first-stage engineering services, ensuring that you are further along the manufacturing process when you receive our products.