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CP Grade 4 Titanium Sheet

Commercially pure titanium.

CP Grade 4 offers lower toughness, it does offer high strength, good weldability and formability.

CP Grade 4 titanium sheets represent the strongest of all commercially pure titanium grades.

With excellent resistance to corrosion and corrosion fatigue, CP Grade 4 offers high mechanical strength with a typical yield strength of 559 MPa. While Grade 4 offers lower toughness despite its higher mechanical strength, the alloy offers good weldability and formability. Hot forming will also improve the overall ductility of the alloy. From a forming perspective, CP Grade 4 is similar to 300 series stainless steel grades.

Smiths Advanced Metals stocks CP Grade 4 titanium alloy sheets in the annealed condition and in a broad range of incremental sizes.


Titanium has an unfair reputation as being difficult to machine. In reality, this is not the case. As long as the operator adopts good working practices, machining titanium is not the issue purported. As the alloy has low thermal conductivity, high coolant flow is a must, and the material should be cut at low speeds and at reasonably high feed rates. Operators should also use tungsten carbide tooling or cobalt high-speed tools.

CP Grade 4 Titanium Sheet Datasheet

Commercial Applications

CP Grade 4 titanium sheet finds use in engineering applications, including oil & gas components, aerospace parts, marine components and pulp & paper production.

Product Features:

    ASTM B265
    BS TA6

    Marine components
    Oil and Gas applications
    Aerospace parts
    Pulp and paper production

    Excellent resistance to corrosion
    Good weldability
    Good formability
    High mechanical strength

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