Our alloy steel bars are utilised in various global market sectors.

Greater Options

The sheer scope of our stock range ensures that your business has various raw material options to aid you in your engineering projects.

Our range includes low alloy, high tensile strength, carburised, case-hardened and heat-treated steel alloys. The variety of products combined with close incremental sizes ensures that our stock range covers most engineering eventualities.

Industry Support

Our alloy steel bars find use in many global engineering sectors, from aerospace to oil & gas and power generation. Irrespective of your requirements, we guarantee high levels of stock certainty combined with high-quality thanks to a fully embedded quality management system which forms part of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform.

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Export Experts

We ship engineering raw materials worldwide We are experts in shipping engineering raw materials, worldwide.

We are different from companies within the Smiths Metal Centres Group - we have a dedicated expert department who are highly experienced in Global shipping. While Group companies either concentrate on the domestic market or particular countries, we ship materials to our customers regardless of their Global location.

We handle all aspects of the export process, regardless of your business location or product volume.

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Stock Information

We offer alloy steel bars in a huge range of incremental sizes to suit your particular engineering applications.

Our in-house bar sawing services ensure that you receive your alloy steel bars to your specific size requirements.

Our steel bars are suitable for use in a broad range of market applications, from general engineering to aerospace.