Our PH sheets find use in aeropsace, nuclear and oil & gas sectors.

High Strength Sheets

Precipitation-hardened stainless steel sheets provide much greater strength and hardness than traditional stainless steel.

PH steel sheets may be fabricated in the annealed condition and then strengthened with heat treatment. The process minimises the issues caused by high-temperature heat treatment. Precipitation-hardening is an age-hardening process where a malleable material is heat treated to generate greater yield strength and hardness.

Why choose PH Stainless Steel Sheets?

High yield strength, corrosion resistance, hardness and an acceptable level of toughness all transpire to make PH stainless steels highly attractive for engineering applications. Beneficiaries include the oil and gas sector, aerospace industry and nuclear.

Sheet Cutting

Our in-house sheet-cutting services allow us to supply material to your size requirements. We use industrial guillotines, which 'snip' the material to the size you need. We also provide a PVC coating service.

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Protecting Aesthetics

Our vinyl coating service protects the finish of the material Stainless steels find common use in architectural applications due to the pleasing surface finish and corrosion resistance qualities.

Therefore, a stockholder must ensure your stainless steel sheets are protected during transit because surface scratches and blemishes will ruin the overall aesthetic.

Our in-house vinyl coating service ensures you receive your stainless sheets win an unblemished finish.

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Further Information

Improved mechanical properties ensure that our precipitation-hardening stainless steel sheets are popular for a broad range of engineering applications.

Precipitation-hardening stainless steel sheets are typically supplied annealed or tempered, and subsequently strengthened by heat treatment.

Nuclear, oil & gas and aerospace make regular use of precipitation-hardening stainless steel.