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PB104 Bronze Bar

Wrought phosphor bronze alloy.

PB104 is a wrought phosphor bronze alloy which is a hardened product.

PB104 phosphor bronze alloy bars benefit from superior fatigue & wear resistance.

PB104 is a wrought phosphor bronze alloy, a hardened product containing eight percent phosphorus. This alloy provides superior fatigue, wear and corrosion resistance. It is highly suitable for demanding offshore and marine applications. General wear resistance is excellent, as are the alloy's fatigue strength and frictional properties. The addition of tin in the alloying process gives the material excellent wear resistance.

Formability & Spring Qualities

The cold formability rating of this material is good, with superior resistance to shock loading. The product also provides superb spring qualities combined with high corrosion resistance. In a range of atmospheric conditions, PB104 compares favourably with aluminium bronzes.

PB104 Bronze Bar Datasheet

Technical Sales Assistance

To find out more about the PB104 wrought phosphor bronze bars and for other technical advice, contact Smiths Advanced Metals today. Our team of qualified metallurgists and engineers will be pleased to assist further on any technical topic.

Product Features:

    BS 2874
    BS B24
    EN 12163
    UNS C52100

    Heavy-duty bearings
    Engine valve guides
    Power conductors
    Shafts & spindles

    Superior fatigue resistance
    Excellent wear resistance
    Superb spring qualities
    High corrosion resistance

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