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Alloy 263

Nickel Cobalt Based Alloy Bars

Alloy 263 is easy formed in the annealed condition.

Alloy 263 is a nickel-cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy which offers good aged-hardened characteristics.

The material combines various performance characteristics resulting in a highly capable engineering material - the product benefits from high-temperature strength, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and forming capabilities. Alloy 263 displays excellent oxidation resistance. While Alloy 263 does not offer the best high-temperature performance, it is much easier to form and weld. Material forming is straightforward by cold working.

Commercial Applications

The alloy was originally developed for aerospace engines but has expanded its appeal to other market areas, such as advanced ultra-supercritical power plants (A-USC). The alloy finds regular use in producing aircraft engine cases, gas turbine rings and low-temperature combusters. Material strength is retained up to 816˚C and oxidation resistance up to 982˚C. We typically supply Alloy 263 nickel cobalt bars in the annealed condition, and the alloy's ductility is excellent in this condition, making the material easy to form.

Alloy 263 Bar Datasheet

Stock Availability

We stock bars of Alloy 263, which are available in various sizes, and we process your bar products in-house to precise lengths.

Product Features:

    Alloy 263
    AMS 5966, 5886, 5872, 5872E
    RRMS 33031/1 (MSRR7035)
    BS HR10

    Gas turbine rings
    Aircraft engine casings
    Low-temperature combusters
    Sealing rings

    High-temperature strength
    Excellent oxidation resistance
    Easily formed and welded
    Excellent ductility in the annealed condition

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