We stock nickel alloy grades in solid round bars and sheets.

Operating Limits

Our nickel-based alloy stock range is designed to meet the stringent demands of the world's most challenging market sectors.

Oil & gas, chemical, nuclear and power generation depend on engineering raw materials to perform tasks to the absolute operating limit or otherwise risk catastrophic failures. Our nickel alloys meet these tasks with a range of impressive performance capabilities.

High-End Performance

Excellent corrosion resistance in various atmospheres represents a quality synonymous with nickel alloys. High strength, toughness, and retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures are also features. Our materials are relatively straightforward to weld and fabricate as long as certain aspects are observed. Nickel alloys work hardens quickly, so using sharp tools is a must, and cutting annealed or hot-rolled material is not recommended.

Use in Aerospace

Aerospace also benefits from the performance of nickel alloys, particularly in areas where hot gasses are present, as the alloy works well at extremely high operating temperatures. Typical applications include engine components, afterburners, exhaust liners, airframe components and turbine blades. Our products also find use in hydraulics and fuel system fittings.

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Benefitting Aerospace

Nickel alloys are used in the manufacture of afterburners. Nickel alloys have a longstanding association with the aerospace sector in commercial and military operations.

Our alloys find use in specific applications, typically in areas where extreme temperatures are present. Like all engineering raw materials, different products offer different suitability.

While aluminium is ideal for wing skins and aircraft frames, nickel alloys perform best in extreme temperature environments.

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Stock Information

We stock nickel alloys in three categories - corrosion resistant, nickel cobalt and high-temperature.

Our stock range consists of various grades in solid round bars and sheets.

We cut your nickel alloy to size using our in-house billeting and guillotining services. We also vinyl protect sheet to protect it during transit.