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Nickel Alloys

Nickel alloys display great resistance to heat and corrosion Nickel Alloys are a great choice where corrosion resistance, heat resistance or controlled expansion are considerations

Nickel alloys generally fall into three categories - heat resistant alloys, corrosion resistance alloys and controlled expansion alloys. A wide variety of alloys have been developed often with specific applications in mind. Aerospace, Oil & Gas, nuclear and petrochemical industries are all major users of these alloys although they are used in many other harsh or extreme environments.

Nickel silver alloys (sometimes called German silver) derive their name from their bright silvery appearance though they actually contain no silver at all. They are alloys of copper, nickel and zinc and they find many applications in housewares (such as cutlery) as well as some industrial applications (such as component manufacture).

Some of the nickel alloys supplied by Smiths Advanced Metals. Please call +44 (0)1767 604 710 for other alloys not listed here.

Nickel Alloys Range

Nickel - Copper Nickel - Chromium Nickel - Iron Nickel - Molybdenum
Nickel - Chromium - Molybdenum Nickel - Chromium - Iron Cobalt Alloys Iron Alloys

Alloy 200 Alloy 400 Alloy 617 Alloy 800
Alloy 201 Alloy 600 Alloy 625 Alloy 825
Alloy 276 Alloy 601 Alloy 718 Alloy K-500

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