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CP Grade 2 Titanium Tube

Commercially Pure Titanium

CP Grade 2 titanium tubes are popular in applications where weight reduction is required.

CP Grade 2 titanium tube is an unalloyed, commercially pure titanium grade with moderate strength.

Our CP Grade 2 tubes offer a low density of 4.51 g/cm3, 45% less than ferrous alloys. It is a moderate strength alloy with a typical yield strength of 352MPa. The alloy combines good ductility and formability and also promotes good weldability. The inclusion of iron and oxygen achieves high strength and formability. CP Grade 2 shares similar performance characteristics to Grade 1, including excellent corrosion resistance in oxidising environments. However, the alloy is also stronger than Grade 1. CP Grade 2 is a versatile alloy popular in numerous applications and finds everyday use in heat exchangers.

Stock Availability

Smiths Advanced Metals stocks CP Grade 2 titanium tube in various sizes and seamless forms.

CP Grade 2 Titanium Tube Datasheet

Weight Reduction

With low density and superior strength to weight ratio, CP Grade 2 titanium tubes are popular in applications where weight reduction is required without reducing overall strength. With good ductility, cold formability is possible and welding may be undertaken using conventional TIG and MIG methods, although inert gas shielding is critical to prevent embrittlement in the welding zone.

Product Features:


    Marine components
    Aerospace components
    Medical components
    Heat exchangers

    Excellent resistance in oxidising atmospheres
    Good weldability
    Good formability
    Stronger than CP Grade 1

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