We hold stock of copper-nickel bars to British Standards.

Consistent Standards

We stock and supply copper-nickel alloy bars to British Standard specifications.

British Standards are consensus standards that set production and quality criteria for various products, including engineering raw materials. In engineering materials, British Standard released alloys often start with the prefix BS or the product is referred to by the specification it was produced to.

A Wealth of Choice

Our copper-nickel alloy bar stock range is supplied to many standards, including ASTM, DEF STAN and Euro Norm. As these standards are for products that are essentially the same, there are very few differences. However, defence standards, for example, often require the determination of specific performance criteria such as minimum impact levels.

Stock Range

We stock solid copper nickel bars to British Standards in various sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

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About British Standards

There are more than 27,000 British Standard specifications in operation. The British Standards Institute (BSI) was formed in 1901 in order to make British manufacturers more competitive and efficient.

The first products BSI covered were steel sections standardised by type and number. Over the years, BSI has dramatically expanded its operational scope and engineering alloys now form only a small part of a much broader portfolio.

Today, BSI has more than 27,000 working standards.

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Stock Portfolio

We stock a vast range of sizes for our solid round copper-nickel bars, in both metric and imperial.

Our unique barcoding system enables us to know every step of the journey your alloy has taken while under our care.

Our dedicated in-house billeting services ensure we cut your bar products to closer tolerances. We cut more than 2 million billets every year.