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2024 Aluminium Sheet

improved corrosion resistance once cladded.

2024 aluminium sheet is often supplied in clad form (Alclad).

2024 aluminium sheet benefits from high strength and improved corrosion resistance once cladded.

Often referred to as an aircraft alloy, 2024 aluminium sheet can be machined to a high quality finish. Workability of the alloy is good, but weldability is generally poor. 2024 is typically supplied with an anodised finish although it is also supplied in clad form (Alclad); this is when the original material is clad with a thin layer of purer aluminium for improved fracture toughness.

Stock Availability

We stock 2024 aluminium sheets in a wide range of thicknesses and tempers (including O, T3, T351, T4, T42 and T81).

2024 Aluminium Sheet Datasheet

Commercial Applications

2024 aluminium sheet finds use in commercial applications, including aircraft structures, military vehicles and general structural applications.

Product Features:

    ABS5044, ABS5503A
    AMS4035, AMS4037, AMSQQA250/4, ABM 1-6015
    AMS4461, AMS4462, AMSQQA250/5, ABM1-7067

    Aircraft structures
    Military vehicles
    Structural applications
    Wing tension members

    Good formability
    Good machinability
    Clad sheets offer excellent corrosion resistance
    Good stress corrosion cracking resistance

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