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Alloy 500 Nickel Bar

Outstanding Corrosion Resistance & Strength

Alloy 500 combines high strength with oustanding corrosion resistance.

Alloy 500 (NA18 N05500) is a precipitation-hardened nickel alloy which offers enhanced strength and hardness after heat treatment.

Our product, containing 63% nickel, is a nickel-copper-based alloy with additions of titanium and aluminium, creating a material which achieves considerably high strength after age hardening - the material benefits from excellent mechanical property retention across temperatures ranging from 480° C to sub-zero. Low-magnetic permeability is another attribute which makes the alloy highly suitable for electronics. With high fatigue strength, Alloy 500 is easy to fabricate and weld, although heavy machining is best achieved while the material is hot-worked and quenched or annealed.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of the alloy compares similarly to Alloy 400. It offers excellent protection in various industrial media, including chemical and marine environments, hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, alkalis, and non-oxidising mineral salts. The material also corrodes at a low rate in high-velocity seawater. Alloy 500 resists stress corrosion cracking (SCC) which gives it suitability for sour gas environments, although the alloy is susceptible if fully age-hardened.

Alloy 500 Nickel Alloy Bar Datasheet

Product Suitability

Alloy 500 should be considered for applications requiring excellent corrosion resistance, strength and hardness, which performs well across various temperatures. Market beneficiaries include sub-sea and above-sea service, oil, gas, petrochemical and marine applications.

Product Features:

    NACE MR0175/0103
    BS 3076 NA18
    ASTM B865-04 (2015)/UNS N05500

    Propeller shafts
    Pump and valve components
    Heat exchangers
    Oil well tools

    Outstanding corrosion resistance
    High strength and hardness
    Excellent mechanical property retention
    Easy to weld and form

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