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5251 Aluminium Tube

High corrosion resistance.

5251 aluminium tubes offer outstanding corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmospheres.

5251 tube offers high corrosion resistance and is ideal for marine applications.

5251 aluminium drawn tubes offer outstanding corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmospheres. The material is a medium strength alloy, which is readily weldable and finds use in various commercial applications. The quarter hard temper allows this alloy to undergo limited bending and forming operations. 5251 benefits from good ductility and formability. Excellent thermal conductivity and low density are also a feature which is common in the majority of commercial aluminiums.Though common in the marine sector, 5251 also finds use in applications, including architectural and general metalworking.

Stock Availability

We have available 5251 aluminium tubes in a wide range of sizes and tempers, including H12 and O.

5251 Aluminium Tube Datasheet

Processing Options

We also offer an in-house processing service where we will cut your aluminium tubes to specific lengths. Our service makes us a one-stop shop for all your aluminium tubing requirements.

Product Features:

    BS L56
    BS L100
    BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754

    Marine components
    Welded structures
    Aircraft parts
    Marine applications

    High corrosion resistance
    Medium strength
    Good ductility and formability
    Readily weldable

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