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Alloy 625 Nickel Bar

Also referred to as Inconel® 625.

Alloy 625 finds use in aerospace engine exhaust systems, subsea cable connectors and heat exchangers.

Alloy 625 nickel-chromium alloy bar is developed for high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance.

Alloy 625 (often referred to as Inconel® 625) combines high strength and toughness with excellent corrosion resistance. Molybdenum and Niobium are added during the alloying process to strengthen the material. The result is a product that is strong and offers superior corrosion resistance in a broad range of corrosive media. The product also maintains these characteristics at elevated temperatures. Alloy 625 is resistant to the effects of oxidation and carburisation and offers excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance. Superior fatigue strength and weldability are also positive features. The alloy may be formed using various hot and cold forming methods.

Stock Availability

Smiths Advanced Metals offers Alloy 625 bars from stock in various sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

Alloy 625 Nickel Alloy Bar Datasheet

Commercial Applications

Alloy 625 finds use in aerospace engine exhaust systems, subsea cable connectors, heat exchangers and submarine propulsion motors.

Product Features:

    UNS N06625
    ASME SB446
    ASTM B446
    NAC MR0103
    NACE MR0175

    Aerospace exhaust systems
    Subsea cable connectors
    Heat exchangers
    Submarine propulsion motors

    Excellent oxidation resistance up to 1093°C
    Good strength and toughness
    Excellent weldability
    Excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance

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