Our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory provides comprehensive metallurgical support and testing services.

UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory

Our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) offers a range of certified tests, and our team of dedicated metallurgists provide comprehensive product support.

Our laboratory (Smiths Technical Services) provides services to customers that are not usually available in the UK stockholding sector, from routine product testing and analysis to technical advice.

Testing Options

We undertake ongoing sampling programmes and single-event materials testing to fit customer requirements. Testing methods include Charpy, tensile, welding assessment, corrosion, physical properties and hardness testing. We also provide chemical and metallurgical analysis. Our service also includes third party inspection.

Continuous Investment

Our laboratory utilises modern, computer-controlled testing equipment and most testing routines are provided with a fast turnaround. We are expanding our laboratory in 2022 to a new, much larger location within our Biggleswade warehouse.

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Materials Investigations

Material investigations.When your materials fail to perform as expected, we can investigate the problem for you.

Our laboratory investigates material failures during machining, welding and anodising processes, which often results in quick, practical solutions.

We achieve this without relying on technical input from the material manufacturer.

What we offer?

Our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory offers comprehensive metallurgical support and negates the need for you to refer to the manufacturer or a third party.

Our UKAS testing methods cover a broad spectrum of accredited tests, including Charpy, tensile, corrosion, weldment assessment and physical properties testing.

Our laboratory services are unique to the UK stockholding sector and add considerable value in terms of customer support.