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Alloy L-605 Nickel Sheet

Excellent sulfidation resistance.

Alloy L605 offers performance characteristics that are ideal for many aerospace applications.

L605 cobalt-nickel alloy sheet is ideal for hot corrosive environments, including aircraft afterburners.

Alloy L605 is a cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy with exceptional strength and good oxidation resistance in environments up to 1093°C (2000°F).

The material is ideal for hot corrosive environments such as jet engines, combustion chambers and gas turbines. The alloy offers good sulfidation and carburising resistance and good wear and galling resistance.

Excellent Performance

As a non-magnetic product, Alloy L605 provides good strength and good corrosion resistance in a broad range of environments, including hydrochloric, wet chlorine, nitric acids, and marine. The addition of chromium in the alloying process helps to achieve these performance characteristics. The alloy offers good machinability, weldability and formability by most conventional methods.

Alloy L605 Nickel Alloy Sheet Datasheet

Stock Availability

We stock Alloy L605 sheets of various sizes, which we process in-house using our guillotining services.

Product Features:

    UNS R30605

    Combustion chambers
    Gas turbines
    Marine turbines
    Mufflers and liners

    Excellent resistance to sulfidation
    Good oxidation resistance
    Excellent high-temperature strength
    Good carburising resistance

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