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5251 Aluminium Sheet

Good ductility & formability.

The corrosion resistance of 5251 in marine environments is excellent.

5251 aluminium sheet offers a combination of medium strength with high corrosion resistance.

With good ductility and formability, 5251 aluminium sheet finds use in various commercial applications. The sheet product is a non-heat-treatable aluminium alloy that may be hardened by cold working. Similar to 5052, the corrosion resistance of 5251 in marine environments is excellent, and the material finds extensive use in marine structures and vessels. The alloy displays medium strength with high fatigue strength and good weldability. The material also combines low density with excellent thermal conductivity, a feature that is common in aluminium alloys.

Corrosion resistance in aluminium

The corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys works in a particular way which means that the alloy is not resistant to all media. Aluminium is a reactive metal, and when under attack, the alloy develops a thin surface film of aluminium oxide (or hydrated oxide in non-stagnant water), which repairs itself as long as the pH range of the media is relatively stable. However, the protective film will dissolve in highly acidic or alkaline environments. Further protection of the alloy may be achieved in many cases by anodising to protect the protection layer. Aluminium may also corrode more quickly if electrical contact is made with other metals.

5251 Aluminium Sheet Datasheet

Stock Availability

We stock 5251 aluminium sheets in a broad range of incremental thicknesses and tempers including 0, H22, H26.

Product Features:

    BS L100
    BS L80
    BS L81
    BS EN 573, BS EN 485

    Marine and offshore structures
    Military components
    Aircraft structural parts
    General engineering applications

    Good ductility and formability
    Excellent marine corrosion resistance
    Excellent thermal conductivity
    Medium strength

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