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2124 Aluminium Plate

Optimised strength & toughness.

2124 provides similar properties to 2024 but with closer iron and silicon content controls.

2124 provides similar properties to 2024 but with closer iron and silicon content controls resulting in optimised strength and toughness.

Our 2124 aluminium alloy plates offer high fracture toughness and stress corrosion resistance. We stock 2124 aluminium plates in closer incremental sizes, which means there is often no need to machine the material down - this feature saves you time and money.

High Purity

Regarded as a high purity form of 2024 aluminium, 2124 combines good strength with creep resistance at elevated temperatures. Fracture toughness levels are also significantly higher when compared to 2024. With excellent exfoliation resistance, the alloy is highly suitable in applications where improved short-transverse ductility is a requirement.

2124 Aluminium Plate Datasheet

Technical Support

We offer comprehensive plate cutting services using a range of vertical and CNC saws. We cut plates to tight tolerances to match our customers individual requirements up to 330mm thick. All plate cutting services are performed in-house using modern equipment.

Product Features:

    ASTM B209

    Structural aircraft parts
    Wing skins
    Fuselage bulkheads
    Elevated temperature applications

    Good fracture toughness
    High strength
    Good machinability
    High stress corrosion resistance

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