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Finishing Options

BS S82 Steel Bar

Supplied in the normalised and softened condition.

BS S82 steel bars and forgings are supplied in the normalised and softened delivery condition.

BS S82 case hardening steel is a British aerospace graded material with high tensile strength.

BS S82 steel bar is a broadly used engineering alloy produced to the British Standards specification. The alloy is a case-hardening steel product that includes nickel, chromium and molybdenum as key alloying elements. The material offers an ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 1,320 -1,520 MPa with good hardenability and is produced using the electric-arc method. BS S82 bars and forgings are supplied in the normalised and softened delivery condition and may, where practicable, be ultrasonically inspected. Any subsequent part produced from the alloy should receive a final heat treatment which includes carburising, hardening and tempering.

Commercial Applications

BS S82 finds use in various engineering applications, including helicopter gears, high-stress aerospace parts and motorsport components.

BS S82 Steel Bar Datasheet

Bar Processing

We process your bars to exact lengths courtesy of our in-house processing services. We process over 2 million billets every year at our bulk warehouse in Biggleswade. We also stock bars in closer incremental sizes, which means that you can purchase stock from us that does not necessarily need to be machined down further.

Stock Availability

We stock BS S82 steel bars in a wide range of sizes and conditions (including normalised and softened conditions).

Product Features:

    BS S100
    BS S82
    MSRR 6009

    High stressed aerospace parts
    Motorsport components
    Heavy-duty gears
    Helicopter parts

    Excellent transverse properties
    High strength
    Good hardenability
    Hard wear resistance case after surface treatment

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