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21-6-9 Stainless Steel Tube

For challenging working environments.

21-6-9 stainless is non-magnetic (even after cold working) and may be stress-relieved below 705°C (1300°F).

21-6-9 stainless steel tubes offer high strength and operate in the most challenging environments.

21-6-9 stainless steel is a high manganese content austenitic alloy strengthened with nitrogen. The material provides outstanding oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures and excellent air corrosion resistance in the annealed condition. 21-6-9 possesses lower carbon content resulting in an alloy with excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion, even after welding. The weldability of the material is good by standard methods. The alloy combines excellent impact toughness with high mechanical strength and promotes workability similar to 301, 302, 304 and 316 stainless steel.


21-6-9 stainless is non-magnetic (even after cold working) and may be stress-relieved below 705°C (1300°F). However, such a process will reduce the mechanical properties of the alloy, particularly at temperatures above 1250°F. Annealing will soften the material, which will improve formability. The alloy finds typical use in aerospace applications, including hydraulic tubes and aircraft engine components.

21-6-9 Stainless Steel Tube Datasheet

Stock Availability

We stock 21-6-9 stainless steel tubes in a wide range of sizes and welded forms.

Product Features:

    BMS 7-185
    UNS S21900

    Hydraulic tubes
    Aircraft engine components
    Autoclave parts
    Chemical equipment

    High mechanical strength
    Good fabrication capabilities
    Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance

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