We stock nickel cobalt sheets in various grades and thicknesses.

Uncompromising Performance

Nickel cobalt sheets offer excellent chemical and mechanical properties for the most demanding commercial engineering applications.

Our superior sheet products provide outstanding performance characteristics designed for reliability in hostile operating environments. Our nickel cobalt sheets are renowned for high-temperature strength and heat resistance with excellent corrosion resistance and toughness. Superior welding and fabricability make our material stock range highly suitable for all your engineering and fabrication requirements.

Market Support

Our product range finds use in environmentally challenging operating areas, particularly those with hot gases. Gas turbine engines, afterburners, aerospace engines and chemical plants benefit from nickel cobalt sheets as an engineering raw material. While cobalt finds inclusion naturally in our products, such levels are balanced to ensure maximum and optimal alloy performance.

Why choose Smiths Advanced Metals

We are a specialist stockholder supporting the aerospace sector. We have expanded in recent years to supply high-technology raw materials to a broader range of markets, including oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and nuclear.

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Sheet Cutting

We cut all our sheet products in-house. Thanks to a dedicated guillotining service, we cut nickel cobalt sheet products to specific sizes and to close tolerances.

We complement our services with PVC vinyl coating, which protects the surface of our sheets during transit and before fabrication.

We serve as a single supply source for all your nickel cobalt sheet requirements and offer our customers a reassuringly high degree of stock certainty.

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Stock Information

We stock nickel cobalt sheets in closer incremental sizes ensuring we have products which are better suited to your needs.

We combine guilloting services with PVC vinyl coatings to ensure you receive sheet products to exact sizes with a protective finish.

Our nickel cobalt sheet products provide enhanced performance and are ideal for applications where hot gasses are present such as in gas turbines and aircraft afterburners.