We guillotine our stainless steel sheets, in-house.

Standard Sheet Grades

Stainless steel sheets are a 'go-to' for many engineering and fabrication businesses due to the material's versatility.

Our standard stainless steel sheet is designed to support British business with grades and thicknesses for all eventualities. We stock stainless sheets in metric and imperial sizes, ensuring that we have stock closer to your size requirements.

Guillotining Service

Our dedicated guillotining service, based at our bulk warehousing facility in Biggleswade, cuts your stainless steel sheets to your specific size requirements. Our PVC vinyl coating service protects your raw material in transit, ensuring we keep the aesthetic appeal, which is especially important in architectural applications.

Buy with Confidence

Our sophisticated bespoke MRP system uses real-world algorithms and predicts when we need to purchase stock to support your business continually.

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Meeting Your Deadlines

Our supply services help you meet your deadlines There's an old industry saying that the most expensive engineering raw material is the one that you do not have.

We place a considerable emphasis on ensuring that our stock levels are continuously replenished to ensure that we deliver sheet materials to your door when and where you need them. Our systems automatically police our stock levels to ensure we will meet our customer's demands.

Our business ethos ensures that you meet your deadlines by receiving the necessary materials on time every time.

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Stock Information

We stock stainless steel sheets in a broad range of sizes, in both metric and imperial. We are sure to have stocked products which are closer to your finished requirements.

We provide an in-house guilloting and PVC vinyl coating service which ensures you receive stainless steel sheets to your size requirements and in the best possible condition.

Our industry-leading bespoke IT plafortm ensures that we offer you best possible stock certainty, which is important because it provides you with greater confidence of achieving your manufacturing deadlines.