We stock Euro Norm copper nickel alloy bars in many diameters.

European Designation

Euro Norm standards are technical standards that relate, in this case, to the supply of engineering alloys.

Denoted by the letters 'EN', we stock and supply copper nickel bars to BS EN 12163, which is a standard for producing copper alloy bar products. Sometimes, Euro Norm is referred to as European Standards.

Importance of Standards

Regardless of the specification you choose, independent bodies that specify how engineering raw materials are manufactured provide a means to regulate the consistency and quality of materials used in engineering applications. We stock copper nickel bars to ASTM, DEF STAN and Euro Norm standards.

Stock Range

We stock solid copper nickel bars to this standard in various sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

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Minting (Coinage)

Many of our products are certified to multiple specifications. Copper-nickel has a long history of producing coins from as long ago as the 1850s.

The alloy is highly suitable for stamping due to the material's ductility and also benefits from excellent corrosion resistance and anti-microbial characteristics.

Many countries have now moved away from copper nickel for coinage in favour of nickel plating, which is more cost-effective.

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Stock Portfolio

We stock a vast range of copper nickel alloy bars in various diameters to suit your engineering applications, which include alloys to EN standards.

Our copper nickel alloy bars are suitable for many industrial applications including marine, oil & gas, petrochemical and hygiene critical environments.

Our bar stock carries a unique bar code which provides total traceability while the engineering raw material is under our care.