Our highly experienced export team arrange for alloys and plastics to be delivered globally.

Global Coverage

Smiths Advanced Metals is a metal stockist specialising in the shipments of high-quality alloys and plastics to local and global customers for various high technology markets.

We partner with some of the world's major freight logistics companies by road, air or sea to deliver your materials on time.

Systems Support

Our in-house bespoke IT platform controls the entire process from your order to shipment. It accurately processes orders for worldwide destinations ensuring that your material is expertly prepared, packaged, labelled, and shipped.

Export Team

We have a dedicated and highly skilled export team who specialise in the entire export process, including export documentation, export packing (ISPM 15) and customs practices, to ensure you receive your engineering materials on time and in perfect condition.

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Experts in Export

Export ServicesOur fully proficient export department is on hand to ensure supply runs smoothly.

Our export team are highly experienced in all export practices and will handle all the necessary paperwork and customs requirements to ensure your goods are shipped quickly.

We recognise that knowing our products is not enough - we also need to know how to ship them too.

What we offer?

We are experts in export and have a team of dedicated staff fully versed in the intricacies of the export process.

We offer export services to any destination globally, although export rules dictate this to specific countries to a degree. Export represents a sizeable volume of our business.

We combine our stock with these export services to ensure you receive your materials quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible quality.