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6082 Aluminium Tube

Replacing 6061 in many applications.

6082 is a versatile alloy and our tubing find use throughout industry in various applications.

6082 medium-strength aluminium tube finds use in structural applications.

Regarded as a structural alloy, 6082 aluminium tube find everyday use in machining and is the highest strength 6xxx series alloy available. The material offers medium strength, which is achieved by adding significant amounts of manganese into the alloying process, which controls the grain structure. In aluminium terms, 6082 is a relatively new product that has replaced 6061 in many applications. The alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance and good anodising properties.

Workability is also good in the annealed condition. 6082 is a versatile alloy and our tubing find use throughout industry in various applications.

Stock Availability

We stock 6082 aluminium tubes in a wide range of sizes and tempers, including T4, T6 and O tempers.

6082 Aluminium Tube Datasheet

In-house Processing & Testing

We offer in-house processing services with a dedicated tube cutting service to process your material to specific lengths. We also provide comprehensive metallurgical support courtesy of our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.

Product Features:

    BS L100
    BS L114
    BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754

    High technology applications
    Military components
    Transport applications
    Highly stressed applications

    Very good weldability
    Good formability
    Excellent corrosion resistance
    Highest strength 6xxx alloy

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