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C107 Copper Bar

De-oxidised arsenical copper.

C107 is a perfect material for boiler work, finding particular popularity in the steam locomotive sector.

C107 phosphorous arsenical copper bar with enhanced corrosion resistance.

C107 is a phosphorous de-oxidised arsenical copper that provides enhanced corrosion resistance and increased tensile strength at elevated operating temperatures up to 300°C. With outstanding formability and joining characteristics, C107 is a perfect material for boiler work, finding particular popularity in the steam locomotive sector for firebox repairs, stay bolts, rivets and renewal. The alloy is free from the effects of hydrogen embrittlement, resulting in it being an ideal material for applications involving brazing and welding. Smiths Advanced Metals stocks C107 bars in half-hard condition. Our bar products are available in close incremental sizes, often with both metric and imperial options.

Chemical Processing

The chemical processing sector also makes use of C107 copper, particularly in chemical plants and equipment for relatively non-corrosive liquids and gases, where any processing functions at moderately elevated temperatures. C107 also finds suitability in sour gas applications as the alloy is not susceptible to hydrogen-induced cracking.

C107 Copper Bar Datasheet

Technical Sales Assistance

To find out more about the C107 copper bars and for other technical advice, contact Smiths Advanced Metals today. Our team of qualified metallurgists and engineers will be pleased to assist further on any technical topic.

Product Features:

    BS 2871
    BS 2875
    UNS C14210

    Stay bolts

    Enhanced corrosion resistance
    Outstanding formability
    Good tensile strength at elevated temperatures
    Improved tensile strength

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