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We are a leading stockholder and global supplier of metals and plastics into Aerospace & Space, Chemical, Defence, Medical, MRO, Naval, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Power industries.

We make high quality materials available in a fast, cost-effective and convenient package and provide a consistent supply path for all our customers.

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We offer in-house bar turning services as a first stage engineering process that saves you time and money.

Bar turning represents a value-added service that promotes an environment where your metals are supplied to you finished in a manner that reduces the amount of engineering you are required to do.

We offer a range of centreless grinding and bar turning processes that shorten your supply chain and reduce your costs. Centreless ground bars can be supplied to a tight tolerance on the outside diameter, providing good straightness, surface finish, and roundness. We offer a fast turnaround, consistent quality and the chance to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. We are confident that our experts will deliver on your requirements no matter how demanding they are.

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The experts at Smiths Advanced Metals are equipped with the experience to meet the most demanding requirements. Our services are excellent for all material supply and ancillary services. We apply our industry experience to ensure we meet your centreless bars and bar turning requirements every single time.

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At Smiths Advanced Metals, we are proud to be a leading international, multi-metal and plastic stockholder and distributor. Contact us today and let Smiths Advanced Metals help you with your metal project.


    Bar turning
    Centreless grinding (tolerances class - H6, H7, H8 and H9)
    Deep hole boring
    Deep hole drilling
    Tube honing

    First stage engineering process
    Receive pre-engineered raw materials
    Produced to tight tolerances
    Consistent quality

    Speeds up the supply chain
    Reduces your engineering operations
    Saves time
    Saves money

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