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4130 Steel Bar

Moderate tensile properties.

Our 4130 steel bars are considered harder and stronger than most standard carbon steels.

Our 4130 chromium-molybdenum steel bars offer moderate tensile strength.

4130 alloy is a chromium-molybdenum steel bar product that finds extensive use in aerospace. The product offers various attractive performance characteristics, including ease of fabrication, good weldability and mild hardenability. The alloy has sufficient strength for a broad range of commercial applications in the normalised delivery condition.

Harder & Stronger

4130 is considered harder and stronger than most standard carbon steels and offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. High oxidation resistance is another impressive feature, and the alloy also responds well to nitriding, which results in good abrasion and wear resistance. Although overall weldability is good, pre and post-weld heat treatment is required to avoid cold cracking. Applications include aerospace and automotive components and use in general engineering.

4130 Steel Bar Datasheet


We offer comprehensive billeting services using a range of processing equipment. Bars are cut to tight tolerances to match our client's needs, and in many cases, this added value service negates the need for any additional cutting, which saves you money.

Stock Availability

We have available 4130 steel bars in a wide range of sizes and condition (including normalised, hardened, quenched and tempered conditions).

Product Features:

    AISI 4130, SAE 4130
    AMS-S-6758, MIL-S-6758
    ASTM A108
    ASTM A29
    ASTM A304
    ASTM A331
    UNS G41300

    Aerospace components
    Automotive components
    General engineering
    Wellhead components

    Good weldability
    Good machinability
    Moderate tensile properties
    Stronger and harder than carbon steels

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