DEF STAN copper nickel alloys have been used by the British Royal Navy.

Defence Releases

DEF STAN released engineering raw materials governed by defence standards through the British Ministry of Defence (MOD).

While the material releases offer much of the same as equivalent alloy grades, DEF STAN-specified materials tend to be produced to more stringent standards with tighter chemistry and mechanical properties controls. In some instances, there are mandatory requirements relating to performance, such as impact resistance.

Naval Grade Material

DEF STAN material is often referred to as 'naval grades' since these alloys were released originally for use with the Royal Navy. However, like many copper-nickel alloys, DEF STAN material has benefitted from much broader appeal, finding use in commercial engineering applications throughout the marine, petrochemical and oil & gas sectors.

Choosing your material

Our copper-nickel alloy bars are supplied under various material specifications, and choosing the correct alloy for your needs depends on your application requirements.

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Biofouling Performance

Biological fouling is a problem in marine environments. Biofouling is a significant issue in the marine sector, where the build-up of microorganisms may damage or impair performance.

Plants, algae and even small animals can degrade pipework, structures, inlets and hulls, leading to failure or costly maintenance.

We stock DEF STAN grades, which offer effective resistance to the issue of biological fouling.

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Stock Portfolio

DEF STAN is a British Defence Standard created by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and we stock copper nickel material to these specifications.

We stock DEF STAN copper nickel alloys in solid round bars, which we also process in-house to your size requirements.

We supply products in various specifications and in much closer incremental sizes, resulting in engineering materials which are nearer to your finished size requirements.