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RENE 41 Nickel Bar

Excellent oxidation resistance.

We stock Rene 41 bars in various sizes, in-house, to exact lengths to suit your engineering requirements.

Rene 41 nickel round bars offer exceptional strength at elevated temperatures.

Rene 41 is a nickel-based high-temperature alloy that provides high strength at temperatures ranging from 649 to 982°C (1200 to 1800°F). Rene 41 is marketed under various names, including Udimet Alloy® R41 and Haynes® R-41. The material is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium alloy with additions of titanium and aluminium to promote high strength.

Corrosion Resistance

The alloy is highly corrosion and oxidation resistant and finds use in severely stressed high-temperature applications such as afterburners, rocket engines, aircraft engines and gas turbine components. Mechanical properties for the alloy may be tailored depending on the combination of cold work and/or heat treatments utilised.

Rene 41 Nickel Alloy Bar Datasheet

Stock Availability

We stock Rene 41 bars in various sizes and processin-house to exact lengths to suit your engineeringrequirements.

Product Features:

    UNS N07041

    Gas turbines
    Rocket engines
    Aircraft engines

    Excellent high-temperature strength
    Excellent oxidation resistance
    Good forming characteristics
    Mechanical properties may be altered

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