Titanium alloys are used extensively in the aerospace sector for airframes and fan blades.

High strength to Weight Ratio

Titanium offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any alloy. The material strength is remarkable considering how light the alloy is.

Titanium alloys are significantly stronger than most common steels but around half the density. The alloy also provides high resistance to corrosion which is a feature where steel is susceptible.

Further Comparisons

While steel finds use in applications requiring strength, the material does not offer an effective solution if weight needs to be kept to a minimum. While titanium is more expensive, the alloy combines strength and considerably less weight and, therefore, is more suitable for components in industries such as aerospace and motorsport.


Apart from offering the best strength to weight ratio available, titanium offers excellent strength at high temperatures, excellent corrosion resistance and good malleability at high temperatures. We stock both commercially pure and alloyed titanium products in round bars, sheets and tubes.

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Titanium vs Aluminium

Titanium BenefitsTitanium and aluminium both offer impressive material qualities, so in which circumstances would you favour titanium?

Although titanium is heavier than aluminium, you need significantly less material to achieve the same physical strength. Engineers tend to look at titanium for the production of highly stressed components where weight reduction is required.

However, both alloys offer excellent capabilities, and the particular application in question dictates their suitability.

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We stock titanium alloys in various grades, including commercial pure and alloyed variants.

We offer a range of titanium shapes from stock, including bars, sheets and tubes.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.