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NES 834 Bronze Bar

Improved performance.

NES 834 offers excellent wear, abrasion resistance, and shock loading characteristics.

NES 834 aluminium silicon bronze bars with improved machinability.

NES 834 offers improved performance characteristics when compared to standard aluminium bronze products. The introduction of silicon in the alloying process improves overall machinability. Increased strength and impact strength (even at cryogenic temperatures) and improvement in corrosion resistance are other attractive features. Classed as a non-sparking alloy, NES 834 offers excellent wear, abrasion resistance, and shock loading characteristics. With superior corrosion resistance, the product combines high strength and toughness with low magnetic permeability. The alloy affords designers and engineers broader options when specifying materials for particular applications.

Stock Availability

We stock NES 834 bars in various sizes and material greater than 15mm diameter with ultrasonic inspection complying with DEF STAN 02-729 Part 5.

NES 834 Bronze Bar Datasheet

Commercial Applications

NES 834 bronze bars find commercial use as non-magnetic fasteners, safety tooling, marine hardware and valve components.

Technical Sales Assistance

To find out more about the NES 834 aluminium silicon bronze bars and for other technical advice, contact Smiths Advanced Metals today. Our team of qualified metallurgists and engineers will be pleased to assist further on any technical topic.

Product Features:

    UNS C64200
    DEF STAN 02-834
    DEF STAN 02-879

    Non-magnetic marine fasteners
    Valve components
    Safety tooling
    Marine hardware

    Improved machinability
    Increased strength & impact strength
    Superior corrosion resistance

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