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CP Grade 2 Titanium Sheet

Commercially pure titanium.

CP Grade 2 sheet is 60% less dense than steel and performs well in various corrosive atmospheres.

CP Grade 2 titanium sheets are commercially pure, unalloyed titanium that we supply in the annealed condition.

CP Grade 2 is a moderately strong titanium alloy that is one of the most frequently utilised commercially pure titanium products today. Performance features of the alloy include good formability and ductility as well as excellent weldability. The alloy is 60% less dense than steel and performs well in various corrosive atmospheres such as chemical and marine environments. The alloy fully resists the corrosive effects of saltwater up to a temperature of 315° C. We stock CP Grade 2 Titanium sheet in the annealed condition in various sizes.

Considerations for use

CP Grade 2 is appropriate for applications where a combination of corrosion resistance and formability is required. The alloy is resistant to stress corrosion cracking (SCC), particularly in water. The alloy is susceptible to crevice corrosion, and therefore, care should be taken during the design process to ensure that joints are kept to a minimum. The titanium alloy is ideal for use in chemical and saltwater environments, including subsea and above-sea applications.

CP Grade 2 Titanium Sheet Datasheet

Commercial Benefits

Benefits of utilising CP Grade 2 titanium sheets include excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, excellent machinability and moderate overall strength, which is greater than CP Grade 1.

Product Features:

    BS TA2, BS TA3, BS TA4, BS TA5
    ASTM B265

    Marine applications
    Aerospace parts
    Medical applications
    Chemical processing

    Excellent corrosion resistance in seawater
    Excellent machinability
    Stronger than CP Grade 1
    Moderate strength

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