We offer high-temperature sheets, which we supply in standard sizes or guillotine to your size requirements.

Heat Resistant Sheets

Our nickel sheets are designed to perform in elevated temperatures greater than 1,000°F (538°C).

We stock a wide range of nickel alloy sheets that are ideal for elevated temperature service use. We offer you a multitude of grades and sizes to suit your engineering applications. We also provide processing options where we guillotine your sheets to specific sizes as part of our services.

Uses in Industry

Our heat resistant nickel alloy sheets perform in the most demanding industrial environments. Our products offer corrosion resistance, creep resistance and stress rupture resistance while promoting strength at high temperatures. Our sheets find use in various industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, petrochemical and automotive.

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Sheet used in Gas Turbines

Nickel sheet superalloys are used in gas turbines.Nickel-based superalloys find frequent use in the production of components for gas turbines.

Typical gas turbine products including turbine blades, vanes and combustors. Our nickel alloys are highly suitable for high-pressure turbine engineering materials, which offer high-temperature performance capabilities.

Our nickel superalloys offer outstanding high-temperature resistance against creep and stress rupture.

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Stock Information

Our nickel alloy sheet stock comes in various grades and sizes and is ideal for applications where elevated temperature service is a consideration.

All our high-temperature alloy sheets carry a unique bar code for total product traceability while under our care. Our bar code functionality forms part of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.