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Alloy & Stainless Steel

We offer a wide range of high quality stainless steel alloys We stock an extensive range of stainless steels including commercial grades, special releases for industry including oil & gas and aerospace, and Duplex & SuperDuplex

Stainless steels are a group of steels that contain at least 10.5% chromium. The addition of this element, along with a wide variety of others, especially Nickel and Molybdenum, generally improves corrosion resistance and mechanical properties at high temperatures making them suitable for a range of arduous applications.

All the main stainless steel types are stocked including duplex, super duplex, austenitic, martensitic, precipitation hardened, maraging and aerospace specifications. Stainless steel finds many applications where a hard material is required that will resist corrosive attack.

Alloy & Stainless Steels Applications

It might be easier to list the places where stainless steel is not used than to summarise all of the applications that take advantage of this most versatile steel. However because of its corrosion resistance and ability to take a high polish it is more prominent in certain areas.
  • For instance in the home stainless steel can be found most commonly in the kitchen where it is manufactured into cutlery, cleaning and drying machine drums, sinks and more recently fridges, kettles and toasters.

  • In our towns and cities stainless steel is used for bus shelters, telephone booths and other street furniture. Stainless steel building facades not only look good but also protect the underlying building structure. Subway trains and station infrastructure use stainless steel as it is tough, stain resistant and can be easily cleaned.

  • Industrial applications include equipment for the manufacture of food products and pharmaceuticals where the stain resistance and easy cleaning properties are most desirable. The harsh environment in the chemical and petrochemical industry also make use of stainless steel for its resistance to corrosive liquids. Automotive and aero engines components are made from stainless steel where either good looks or high strength and toughness are required.

Stainless steel is also fully recyclable and even when the redundant or scrap parts are processed in the furnace the material is not downgraded and the steel retains its original quality. However since stainless steel has such a long life this contributes to resource minimisation so that new material is not needed so often to replace corroded or failed products.

Some of the stainless steels supplied by Smiths Advanced Metals. Please call +44 (0)1767 604 710 for other stainless steels not listed here.

Alloy Stainless Steel Range

080A15 (EN3B) 655M13 (EN36) 709M40 (EN19) 080M40 (EN8) 817M40 (EN24)
905M31 (EN41) 230M07 (EN1A) 080M15 (EN32) 605AM36 (EN16) 722M24 (EN40B)

AISI 4130 6AMS 6514 32 CDV 13 S514
AISI 4340 15 CDV 6 S98 OvaX 677
AISI 4140 40 CDV 20 S99 OvaX 277
AISI 4149 16 NCD 13 S154  
AMS 6491 16 NCD 17 S156  

1.4301 (304 S31) 1.4016 (430 S17) 6S80 13/8 PH
1.4305 (303 S31) 1.4005 (416 S21) 2S130 15/5 PH
1.4306 (304 S11) 1.4006 (410 S21) 2S143 17/4 PH
1.4310 (302 S31) 1.4021 (420 S29) 2S144 AMINOX
1.4401 (316 S31) 1.4028 (420 S45) 2S145 FERRINOX
1.4404 (316 S11) 1.4029 (416 S37) S526  
1.4429 (316 S63) 1.4057 (431 S29) S527  
1.4541 (321 S31) 1.4125 (AISI 440C)   DUPLEX STEELS

American UK UK French
4130 MIL-S-6758 S80 S514 / 5 15 CDV 6
4340 MIL-S-5000 S130 S527 40 CDV 20
4140 MIL-S-5626 S143 T66 16 NCD 13
AMS 5643 17/4 PH S154 T72 16 NCD 17
AMS 5659 15/5 PH S155 DTD189  
AMS 5629 13/8 PH     S156

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