Nickel cobalt alloy bars from Smiths Advanced Metals

Including Cobalt

Including cobalt in the nickel alloying mix enhances performance. We stock a range of nickel cobalt bars which give additional benefits.

Cobalt often occurs naturally in the nickel alloying mix, and the amount is usually controlled to balance out alloy performance perfectly. Cobalt assists in creating improved high-temperature stability and, once combined with other elements such as chromium and molybdenum, results in an alloy with superior high-temperature corrosion resistance, strength and stability.

Use in Engineering

Our nickel cobalt bar products find use in elevated temperature environments, particularly in applications where hot gas paths are present. Power generation plants, gas turbine engines, jet engines, afterburners, fasteners and chemical processing plants all feature nickel cobalt alloys. Our products are usually purchased as an alternative to stainless steel to improve performance.

Stock Range

We stock nickel cobalt bars in various grades and incremental sizes, ensuring we hold material closer to your finished size requirements. Our in-house bar-cutting services ensure you receive your engineering raw materials to the correct lengths, and we perform these processing operations to close tolerance.

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Hostile Environments

Nickel cobalt is ideal for deployment in harsh working environments Specific engineering applications place incredible demands on engineering raw materials making material selection important.

A gas turbine engine or aircraft afterburner produces constant, excessive temperatures, which places an enormous strain on performance alloys and choosing the right product is critical.

Thankfully, our nickel cobalt bars offer chemical and mechanical properties which are highly suitable for use in hostile operating environments.

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Stock Information

Our nickel cobalt bars form an integral part of a much broader nickel alloy stock range.

Our bar cutting services ensure your receive your nickel cobalt alloy bars to exact sizes, ready for immediate use.

Nickel cobalt bars are ideal engineering materials for high temperature applications in harsh environmental conditions which require high levels of corrosion resistance.