Our PH steel bar stock range offers greater strengh and hardness compared to stainless steel.

Strength & Hardness

Precipitation-hardening stainless steels (often called PH steels) offer similar characteristics to stainless steels and nickel alloys but with one fundamental difference.

Small traces of aluminium, phosphorus, copper or titanium is included in the alloying mix. After the age-hardening process, the resulting alloy is significantly stronger and has greater hardness. Pair this with stainless steel's well-earned reputation for corrosion resistance results in an alloy that offers engineers more options.

Supply Conditions

Our PH steel bars are typically supplied annealed or tempered, each with unique characteristics. Tempered products are rolled to incredible hardness levels, while annealed products are softer and easily formed. These features demonstrate the versatility of the alloy and find use in various Global engineering markets.

Stock Range

We stock various precipitation-hardening stainless steel bars in multiple sizes to suit your engineering projects.

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Greater Choice

PH steel types in include austenitic, semi-austenitic and martensitic Precipitation-hardening steels are available for supply in three common types with differing characteristics.

The three main types are austenitic (high strength, good corrosion resistance and formability), semi-austenitic (more complex, combines the benefits of austenitic and martensitic), and martensitic (high strength and corrosion resistance, greater dimensional stability).

Whichever type you choose, PH steels offer better mechanical properties compared to standard stainless steels.

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Further Information

PH steels offers a credible alternative to traditional stainless steels due to improved mechanical properties and characteristics.

Precipitation-hardening stainless steels are normally supplied annealed or tempered - each has unique benefits relating to the finished alloy.

Our products find regular use in aerospace and marine applications due to possessing all the benefits of stainless steel but with added strength and hardness.