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6061 Aluminium Sheet

Highly versatile engineering material.

We stock and supply 6061 aluminium sheets in a wide range of thicknesses and tempers.

6061 aluminium sheet contains magnesium and silicon and is a medium to high strength alloy.

6061 is a medium to high strength aluminium alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements. We stock 6061 aluminium in sheet form in O, T4, T42, T6 tempers. 6061 aluminium offers various attractive characteristics making the alloy an extremely versatile engineering material for commercial applications. Features include medium fatigue strength and very good corrosion resistance. The alloy also benefits from good weldability, although overall strength is reduced in the welding zone. Cold formability is also good. 6061 aluminium sheet finds typical use in applications where a combination of improved corrosion resistance and strength is a requirement.

Stock Availability

We stock and supply 6061 aluminium sheets in a wide range of thicknesses and tempers, including 0, T4, T42, T6. We also offer in-house processing services where we guillotine your aluminium sheets to your size requirements.

6061 Aluminium Sheet Datasheet

Commercial Applications

6061 aluminium sheets find use in pylons and towers, aerospace parts, military components and structural applications.

Product Features:

    AMS 4025
    AMS 4026
    AMS 4027
    ASTM B209
    BS EN 573, BS EN 485

    Aerospace parts
    Military components
    Structural applications
    Pylons and towers

    Medium to high strength
    Medium fatigue strength
    Very good corrosion resistance
    Highly versatile alloy

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