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Finishing Options

2014A Aluminium Sheet

Containing 4% to 5 % copper.

2014A aluminium sheet is often clad to protect it from corrosion.

2014A is an aluminium alloy with excellent fatigue resistance and high strength containing 4% to 5 % copper.

Natural corrosion resistance is poor and therefore a protective coating (cladding) in sheet form is often required to prevent corrosion. This cladding is part of the mill production process for clad aerospace sheets grades. Smiths Advanced Metals stocks 2014A aluminium sheets in the T4 and T6 temper. Sheets from grade 2014A are available in various thicknesses.

Processing Options

We offer a complete sheet cutting service using a range of equipment including guillotining. Sheets are cut to tight tolerances to match our clients' needs, and in many cases, negates the need for additional cutting.

2014A Aluminium Sheet Datasheet

Technical Support

To find out more about the 2014A aluminium sheet and for other technical advice, contact Smiths Advanced Metals today. Our team of qualified metallurgists and engineers will be pleased to assist further on anytechnical topic.

Product Features:

    BS L156, BS L157 - Bare
    BS L163, BS L164, BS L165, BS L166, BS L167 - Clad
    BS L100
    BS EN573, BS EN 485

    Military vehicles
    Aircraft structures
    Structural applications
    Highstrength components

    High mechanical strength
    Excellent resistance to fatigue
    Excellent machinability
    Excellent for resistance, spot and beam welding

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