Our standard stock range of stainless steel bars is available at a moments notice.

Stainless Steel Bar Supply

Our standard range of stainless steel is typical commercial material or grades we have not categorised. All remaining steel grades come under specific product sections.

Our standard range of materials is popular with general engineering and fabrication businesses, as we offer a broad range of sizes and a high degree of supply certainty. Thanks to our unique barcoding system, all our products are fully traceable while under our care. We always know the location and status of the material at any given time.

Cut Bars to Size

Our bulk stockholding warehouse in Biggleswade includes a dedicated processing facility where we provide in-house billeting services to cut your stainless steel bars to specific lengths. We perform these services to very close tolerances and keep stock of standard lengths available for supply 'off the shelf'.

Market Support

Our bar stock is designed to support various commercial markets, from general engineering to more specialist applications in aerospace, oil & gas, and the defence sector. So regardless if you require basic stainless steel materials or something more exotic, we have the stock range to support your business.

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Helping Designers

We offer engineering designers more options We offer a diverse range of engineering raw materials to give engineers, and designers improved options.

We recognise that engineering is a complex business, and our customers are always looking for enhancements in the raw material supply chain to improve performance. We stock stainless steel bars, which provide a vast range of supply options to cater for product development.

Our philosophy ensures you produce engineered components to the highest specification.

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Stock Information

Our bespoke IT platform includes a sophisticated MRP which uses algorithms to predict when we need to buy in stock - this ensures that we always have the engineering materials you need, where you need it.

All our stainless steel bar stock carries a unique bar code for total traceability while under our care. Our bar code functionality forms part of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform.

From general engineering and fabrication to aerospace and oil & gas, our stock range offers you a range of options fuelled by your design drivers.