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7075 Aluminium Bar

For aerospace applications.

7075 aluminium is well suited to the production of highly stressed parts.

7075 aluminium alloy is commonly used in aerospace applications due to the alloys high tensile and yield strength combined with excellent fracture toughness.

The alloy can be flash or spot welded in the annealed condition and is easily formed with reasonable machinability. The material is ideal for applications where high strength is critical, but there is less emphasis on corrosion resistance. 7075 aluminium is well suited to the production of highly stressed parts and structural components. The alloy offers good fatigue strength and average machinability. 7075 is also popular in motorsport for gears and shafts.

Stock Availability

We offer stock availability of 7075 aluminium bars in an extensive range of sizes and tempers (including T73, T7351, T73511, T6, T651 or T6511 tempers).

7075 Aluminium Bar Datasheet


We process 7075 aluminium bars in-house.

Product Features:

    AMS4123, AMS4124, AMS QQA225/9
    AMS4154, AMS4169, AMS QQA200/11
    ASTM B211
    ASTM B221
    BS L100
    BS L160
    DTD 5124
    BS EN 573, BS EN 755, BS EN 754

    Military components
    Aircraft structural parts
    Gear & shafts (motorsport)
    Highly stressed parts

    Very good machinability
    Superior strength
    Easily formed
    Superior stress corrosion resistance

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