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Aluminium Alloys

We supply aluminium alloys to a wide range of industries including aeropsace Smiths Advanced Metals is a popular supplier of high quality aluminium alloys due to our outstanding levels of quality and customer care which is backed up with a wealth of industry specific experience

Aluminium alloy, in its usable form, is a relatively new metal that is produced using an electrolytic process. In its pure form it has only a few limited uses, however, when it is alloyed it becomes an extremely versatile and widely used material. Industrial sectors such as aviation, medical, scientific and electronics all make use of the key properties of aluminium.

The alloying elements used are dependant on the finished article required. Additions of copper, iron, zinc, nickel, tin, lead, magnesium and silicon are all used to improve its attributes. Improved strength, corrosion resistance, ductility, workability, weldability and machinability are all possible.

Types of Aluminium Alloy

There are two main types of alloyed aluminium; wrought and cast. Wrought alloys (rolled, extruded or forged) are strengthened either by work-hardening or by heat treatment, with different alloying elements being added to achieve the required strength. Cast alloys are usually very different in their composition to their wrought counterparts, as suitable composition is required for the production of effective casting materials.

The wrought alloys are also divided into two groups: heat-treatable and non heat-treatable alloys. Heat-treatable alloys are produced in the main for their strength and durability whilst the non heat-treatable alloys are produced for their ductility, weldability and corrosion resistance.

Some of the aluminium alloys supplied by Smiths Advanced Metals. Please call +44 (0)1767 604 710 for other alloys not listed here.

Aluminium Alloys Range

1050 2011 5052 6061 7010 L16/L17 L93/2014 L44
1200 2014A 5083 6062 7020 L59/L60/L61 L95/7075 L111
3103 2024 5251 6063 7050   L97/2024 L102
  2618A 5754 6082 7068 L80/L81 L115 L168
      6262 7075 L113 DTD5120B L56
        7475 L163/L164   L114

AMS QQA 250/5 2024 'O' AMS QQA 250/13 7075 'O' AMS QQA 200/11 7075 T6511
AMS QQA 250/5 2024 T3 AMS QQA 250/13 7075 T6 AMS QQA 225/8 6061 T6511
AMS QQA 250/11 6061 'O' AMS QQA 200/8 6061 T6511 AMS QQA 225/6 2024 T351
AMS QQA 250/11 6061 T4 AMS QQA 250/8 2024 T3511 AMS QQA 255/9 7075 T651
AMS QQA 250/11 6061 T6    

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