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CBS-50 Nil Steel Bar

Lower carbon content than M50 alloy.

CBS-50 Nil has relatively high fracture toughness properties at its core.

CBS-50 NiL steel bars are known as carburising or gear steels due to the alloy's high core fracture toughness.

CBS-50 Nil is an alloy designed for service in elevated temperatures up to 600°F. The material is similar to M50 alloy but has low carbon content. The primary difference between the two alloys is that CBS-50 Nil has relatively high fracture toughness properties at its core. As the alloy is carburised, stresses on the material's surface are controlled, making the product an excellent choice for applications where contact fatigue is an issue (such as engine bearings). The alloy is also double vacuum melted for optimum cleanliness.

Commercial Applications

The material finds primary use in aerospace applications and, in particular, engine bearings where good fatigue strength is critical. Other applications include aerospace parts and military gears.

CBS 50 Nil Steel Bar Datasheet

About Contact Fatigue

Contact fatigue is common in bearings, valves and gear couplings. It is a type of surface-pitting that affects both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. CB-50 Nil is a carburised steel that creates more significant control over the surface stresses on the material, making it an ideal product for contact fatigue specific applications.

Stock Availability

Smiths Advanced Metals stocks CBS-50 Nil steel bars in closer incremental sizes to suit your particular engineering requirements.

Product Features:

    GE B50TF211
    GE C50TF84
    UNS K91231

    Engine bearings
    Gear assemblies
    Aerospace parts
    Aerospace gears

    High fracture toughness
    Double vacuum melted for optimum cleanliness
    Good strength at high temperatures
    Contact fatigue resistant

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