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Maraging 250 Steel Bar

Improved fracture toughness.

We supply Maraging 250 in the annealed condition where the microstructure consists of fine martensite.

Maraging 250 steel bars are a cobalt-molybdenum steel that offer ultra-high strength.

Maraging 250 steel is a high-strength alloy that offers ultra-high strength and toughness. The alloy provides improved fracture toughness than Maraging 300 steel but slightly less strength. The material is relatively soft and is easily machined and formed. The alloy is produced by vacuum induction melting and vacuum arc remelting (VIM + VAR). We supply Maraging 250 in the annealed condition where the microstructure consists of fine martensite. Very high tensile strength is achievable after heat treatment and precipitation hardening.


The alloy is suitable for critical applications and highly stressed parts and include engine components, aircraft landing gear and crankshafts. Maraging 250 is readily weldable and provides good notch impact toughness at temperatures below - 50°C.

Maraging 250 Steel Bar Datasheet


Maraging steels are typically machined in the annealed condition, although they may also be machined in the maraged condition. The low-temperature maraging treatment minimises distortion, allowing machining to close tolerances. The maraging treatment results in a product with good dimensional stability.

Stock Availability

Smiths Advanced Metals stocks Maraging 250 steel bars in the annealed condition and in closer incremental sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

Product Features:

    BS S100
    BS S162
    UNS K92890

    Engine components
    Aircraft landing gear

    Excellent workability
    Excellent mechanical properties
    Good resistance to corrosion
    Ultra high strength

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