Our nickel iron bar stock includes Radiometal 4550.

Electrical Performance

Nickel iron alloys offer significant engineering opportunities, particularly in electronics, requiring materials with high magnetic permeability.

We stock nickel-iron alloys, which are simple to machine as long as best practices are maintained. Soft magnetic alloys is a term often used to describe certain nickel-iron alloys.

What are soft magnetic alloys?

Soft magnetic alloys are a type of engineering material known for their high permeability and low core losses. They exhibit the unique property of being easily magnetised and demagnetised when exposed to a magnetic field. Materials of this nature are utilised to channel or enhance the flux of an electrical current.

Stock Range

We currently stock Radiometal 4550, which offers excellent performance in sensitive electronic relays because it responds to weak currents. We intend to expand our product range to include many nickel-iron alloys with differing performance characteristics.

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Impressive Versatility

Nickel iron alloys offer high magnetic permeability. Nickel iron alloys (Ni-Fe) possess unique properties that make them invaluable in various applications, including relays, inductors, and high-frequency transformers.

The materials in this category are highly versatile. Depending on the outcome you are looking for, adjusting the nickel content of the alloy maximises magnetisation, permeability, saturation or electrical resistance.

Nickel iron alloys are a material of choice for electrical applications.

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Stock Information

We currently stock Radiometal 4550 nickel iron bars, although we intend to expand our nickel-iron range considerably over the next few years.

Nickel iron alloys are highly suitable for electrical engineering applications as they can be easily magnetised or demagnetised. Our products are ideal for influencing the flux of electrical currents.

The performance of nickel iron alloys may be changed by increasing or decreasing nickel content. Changes will dictate whether the alloy offers increased electrical resistance and permeability.