Our high-quality alloys and engineering plastics range targets high technology markets, including aerospace.

Leading Metal Suppliers

Smiths Advanced Metals are suppliers of commercial and high-quality alloys to the most demanding industrial market sectors.

We are not simply a stockist of engineering raw materials for general engineering. We supply to some of the world's most advanced technology markets, including aerospace, MRO, oil & gas and nuclear. The spectrum of our stock portfolio covers plate, sheet, bar, tube, strip, wire, foil and forgings.


We continually evaluate our stock range to ensure we have the appropriate materials, specifications and quantities. A crucial aspect of our stock control is traceability and the secure storage and retrieval of test certificates. To achieve this, we utilise a unique barcoding system and industry-leading bespoke IT platform. We continue to invest in technology that allows our customers to receive unrivalled service levels with comprehensive material supply chain support.

Depth of Stock

With a diverse range of high-quality alloys and various shapes and sizes to choose from, we have a depth and variety of stock to suit your business. We stock products in closer incremental sizes, which often results in material for our customers which require no additional machining.

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Supply Route for Every Industry

We hold supply approvals for many global industries.We have supply approvals from the world’s foremost OEM's in industries including aerospace, defence and energy.

We possess an in-depth knowledge of international material specifications, which are further endorsed by a range of customer and industry-specific approvals. Our systems cater to each approval's unique requirements and include products certified explicitly for use in these industries.

Our wealth of experience in a various high technology markets allows us to offer solutions in the most demanding global industries.


Why choose Smiths Advanced?

We offer a substantial stock range in high-technology alloys and plastics with grades to suit applications in some of the world's most demanding operating markets.

We offer engineering raw material support for both general engineering and various specialist markets, placing particular emphasis on aerospace, MRO and oil & gas.

We combine our stockholding with a range of added-value services to provide unrivalled support to our customers. Additional services include processing, bespoke supply packages, and metallurgical services via our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.