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13-8PH Stainless Steel Bar

Superior ductility and transverse toughness

We stock 13-8PH stainless steel bars in a wide range of sizes, shapes and tempers.

We stock 13-8PH stainless steel bars, which are available in various tempers.

13-8PH is a precipitation-hardening steel alloy that provides very high strength and toughness combined with good corrosion resistance. Even in larger sections, the alloy consistently offers superior ductility and transverse toughness. The chemical composition of the alloy combined with a controlled melting practice ensures that the material's microstructure is typically ferrite-free. In production, the alloy is double melted in a vacuum induction furnace (VIM) followed by consumable electrode vacuum melt (CEVM / VAR).

A single precipitation-hardening heat treatment creates the performance characteristics of the alloy. 13-8PH offers suitability in applications where good ductility, corrosion resistance, stress-corrosion resistance, and high strength are predetermined requirements.

Commercial Applications

Typical examples include aerospace structural parts, nuclear reactor components and high-performance shafts.

13-8PH Stainless Steel Bar Datasheet

Stock Availability

We stock 13-8PH stainless steel bars in a wide range of sizes, shapes and tempers (including annealed, H950, H1025, H1050, H1100 and H1150 tempers).

Product Features:

    LAT 1-9048
    UNS S13800

    Nuclear reactor components
    Aerospace structural parts
    High performance shafts
    Injection moulding equipment

    Excellent strength
    Good fracture toughness
    Good resistance to corrosion
    Superior ductility and transverse toughness

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