Stainless steel tubes are suitable for various commercial applications from decorative to aerospace.

Easily Fabricated

Our stainless steel tube stock is durable, easily formed, fabricated, and offers high corrosion resistance and strength.

We offer stainless steel tubes from stock in various grades to meet your engineering requirements. Our tube range supports your business from aerospace grades to precipitation hardened stainless steel.


Stainless steel tubes provide a low-maintenance engineering solution for your manufacturing needs. Our alloys are highly durable, corrosion and temperature resistant, strong, and easy to machine. Our tubes are ideal for piping systems for the transport of gases or fluids, exhaust systems in the automotive sector and fuel lines in aerospace.


We also offer tube cutting services to process your materials to exact lengths. Our tubes carry a unique bar code through the entire process for total traceability.

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Fuel Lines

Stainless steel tubes are used in aircraft fuel lines.Precision stainless steel tubing finds use in aerospace fuel lines.

Our stainless steel tubes offer excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and durability - ideal characteristics for aircraft fuel delivery systems and fuel lines.

Our stainless steel tubes also find use in fire suppression systems.

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Stock Information

Our stainless steel tube products are supplied ex-stock and include grades suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

All our stainless steel tube stock carries a unique bar code for total traceability while under our care. Our bar code functionality forms part of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform.

We combine our stock, in-house processing services, and UKAS accredited metallurgical support services to offer a single supply source for your engineering raw materials.