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Custom® 455 Stainless Steel Bar

Excellent Fabrication Characteristics

Custom® 455 is ideal for applications where austenitc stainless steel is not suitable.

We stock Custom® 455 - a martensitic age-hardenable stainless steel combining excellent yield strength and corrosion resistance.

While soft and easily formed in the annealed condition, Custom® 455 offers outstanding yield strength (three times greater than Grade 304) with impressive toughness and ductility resulting from a single-step ageing treatment. The alloy offers a perfect solution for applications where high strength with good corrosion resistance is possible via a simple heat-treating process.

Machining Custom® 455 is acceptable in the annealed condition, and hardening creates minimal dimensional changes, so the alloy is machinable to close tolerances. Machining is straightforward and requires a robust cutting tool and high-quality coolant, which should be expected with such a high-strength material.

Custom® 455 Stainless Steel Bar Datasheet


The alloy may be welded by shielded fusion and resistance welding practices. Oxyacetylene welding is not possible. Welding in the overaged condition may be required if high stresses on the welding area are present.

Corrosion Resistance

Custom® 455 provides good atmospheric corrosion resistance, resisting staining from the air and no corrosion in freshwater. The alloy also offers good stress corrosion cracking resistance (SCC), further improving by increasing the ageing temperature. Passivation (treatment with an oxidant such as nitric acid to remove free iron) will prevent the material from rusting.

Product Features:

    Custom® 455
    UNS S45500
    AMS 5617 Gr 1 Bar
    AMS 5617 Gr 2 Bar

    Heat exchangers
    Shafts and spindles
    Food processing equipment
    Surgical instruments

    Outstanding yield strength
    Good ductility and toughness
    Machinable to close tolerances
    Good atmospheric corrosion resistance

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